Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thing to eat because I wont see it for a year

This jar of kimchi.

Great flying weather in Los Angeles

The tuft of white to the bottom left of the center peak is my former employer, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
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Monday, October 1, 2012

Day one of Fire School at Rocky Mountain Fire Academy

Getting instructions on our breathing devices.

A 30 min carbon fiber air tank

A breathing mask

Testing our breathing systems by shuttling up stairs.

Made it to the top.

Pretty hot in these fire suits!

Ken can't wait to get his helmet off!

Relief for Randall's back

Heather lounging

Half a station supervisor

The gerbil tube

The worm tunnel

Heather did it the other way.

Tunnel from the outside

Day one done!

With fire gear on

With Heather

Here are the images converted to jpeg:

We had the weekend off from winter-over training

And so we went to the Denver Oktoberfest and explored Denver.

Felipe with beers

Heather keg bowling

Professional eater Big Sexy Beard demolishing sausages. Quite a sight to see an artist at work.

Collateral Damage

Stein hoisting contest

Ken participating

Ken not hoisting anymore

A half golden, half spaniel, all cute

A horsie

A cow

There was a wiener dog contest.

A shark-wiener

I see a jockey on a wiener or daisy dukes with the fur on it?

The clock tower