Friday, September 28, 2012

A Station Supervisor Burrito

Weeks staying warm.

Phillip and Shane, Phillip will be our meteorologist and Shane will be in science support.

Learning about CPR from Admiral Actar

Felipe and I are in Denver for two weeks for trauma and fire training. Since there will only be 45 of us at South Pole for the winter and isolated from the rest of the world, every winter-over will be part of a response team. There will be a hasty, fire, advance trauma and logistics team. It will be on us to respond to our own emergencies. This two weeks we spend in Denver is suppose to get us prepared with the skills will need. Once we get to South Pole we will have constant drilling with our teams so that if something does come up, our response will be second nature.

Me working on a CPR dummy

A Winter-over beating

Jimmy John's on Life

Monday, September 24, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Cabbage cases

For getting sensitive equipment to pole we use these impact resistant cases. This is the first batch and the start of the long journey south. The tons of equipment we'll be needing this year, including my personal stuff like favorite corn nut snacks and favorite fleece jacket are packaged up carefully here in Madison, palletized and containerized, then driven probably by truck to Port Hueneme on the California Coast where the US military will put them on a boat headed for New Zealand. From there they make it to Christchurch airport where they'll be loaded up on a LC-130 or C-17 and reach McMurdo. They won't be staying there for long as they will make it onto a LC-130 and be at Pole where I can enjoy my corn nuts in my favorite fleece while setting up some new network switches.