Monday, January 2, 2012

Present from Dr. Kubomoto

Scott sent down this pen light for Christmas with some lithium batteries. Granted I haven't seen the sun go down since October, but it will be using getting in and out of the man cave and checking under my desk.

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  1. Note, ironic that a Doctor gave that to you, since the only advice I have to give is NEVER EVER lend a pen light to a doctor. I was in the ER one night with a "Client" when a doctor walked up to me and asked if he could borrow a small flashlight. I handed him my pen light. He briefly shined it on his palm and said, "Yup, you could see a cervix with that," and turned around and pulled the curtain shut. A few minutes later he walks out and tries to hand it back to me saying, "Thanks." It took me MANY santitary wipes before I was willing to put that back in my pocket.