Saturday, February 11, 2012

Once in a lifetime treats

Baker's Bourbon on the rocks. I saved this stash of bourbon all the way from home for my last saturday in Antarctica. These are special rocks from my pal Joshua from Crary Supply. They cubes in my drink came from discarded ice cores drilled from the glaciers. This batch is likely thousands or hundreds of thousands of years old. The water and gas mixing with my bourbon has changed state for the first time in about that long. This ice is a little different from regular ice. The pressure of millions of tons of ice bearing down on where this ice was drilled from has made the ice and the air bubbles in it super dense. As it mixes with the bourbon, it pops continuously as the gas is finally released. The ice is also crystal clear. Please exuse the plastic tumbler.
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  1. Oh wow, hard to believe it is almost over! I've loved looking at all your photos!

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