Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Inside Scott's Hut

A couple of days ago I got to see the inside of the Discovery Hut. Josh was hosting a last minute tour for a New Zealander who had to go back for a medical emergency. So before he was to take off, a tour was hastily arranged so that he can see this piece of history. Most of the hut was the way it was left behind. Although a few other expeditions did use the hut on subsequent explorations. My earlier blog post incorrectly referred to this hut as Scott's second hut. It is in the fact the older of the two Scott Huts and is more commonly reffered to as the Discovery Hut. They didn't actually sleep in the hut since it was too cold and instead slept in their ships. Shackleton had also used the hit on his expedition.

Some socks and seal fur booties.

This box was probably left by Scott's second expedition. They build the second hut, but also used this one for staging on the route south.

This is the Cross commemorating Scott on Ob Hill.
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