Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Hardware on the Ice

A C-17, a pair of Basler BT-67s and some heavy equipment thats blowing water or snow to maintain the ice runway which is getting thin because of the unseasonably hot weather (click on the imager for a high res version). The Basler is a company out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin which stretched and modified DC-3. These are charted by the NSF to fly in Antarctica by Ken Borek Air. These two came from Chile on the the peninsula side, got diverted to Rothera, the British Station, and finally made it to Pole and the here to McMurdo today. Its the first flights out of the South Pole and these probably did an evacuation which the C-17 is currently now flying to Christchurch.

One thing about flying in the Basler is that the cabin, which holds up to 40 passengers, is not pressurized so the passengers have to wear oxygen masks.

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